An Experienced Team of Developers, Builders and Property Managers.





MBA Construction

This large custom floorplan was designed and built with functionality and comfort in mind. From its huge open entry to the garage style pull down glass doors overlooking a pond, this office is for both business and pleasure.

Abstract Media Co.

We specialize in helping our clients expand their company. Abstract Media was a small startup company when they first came to us but quickly grew into a thriving business which demanded more space. Over the course of two years we expanded their office twice to accommodate their growing team. This open office plan has a modern industrial aesthetic and is a completely custom floorplan.

An Experienced Team of Developers, Builders and Property Managers
Founded in 2005, New Line Property has become a premier office space and infrastructure solutions provider. We offer a wide variety of commercial services including office space leasing, property development and property management. Drawing on 30 years of experience in office design and development, our founder’s vision is to provide innovative designs as an alternative to traditional office spaces. We strive to help our clients achieve success by meeting deadlines, providing helpful staff and offering competitive rates.